Jeroen van de Voort

FME Technology Specialist

I am Jeroen van de Voort and I joined Tensing on September 1, 2021 as an FME Technology Specialist.

The foundation for my career was established during my studies Geo-Informatics at the Hogeschool Utrecht and Geo-Information Science at Wageningen University. After my studies I started working at NEO where I was mainly involved in remote sensing projects.

During these projects I was introduced to different types of data, software and processing techniques. I gained a lot of experience with Python, FME and open source GIS. One of the best projects was the development of a crop classification method for controlling agricultural subsidies. For this I applied machine learning models to a time series of satellite images.

In 2016 I moved to the south of the Netherlands and worked for the municipality of Venlo and the Safety Region Zuid-Limburg. There I mainly worked a lot with open source software although I always continued to work with FME as well. At the safety region I also gained a lot of experience in Business Intelligence by creating dashboards during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spare time
I live in the south of the country, in Roermond, with my wife and two young children. I love traveling, festivals, cooking and have an interest in history and astronomy. My free time is mainly spent together with the children and to relax I usually play computer games.

Why Tensing?
At Tensing I can really develop myself further. Not only through the education and training opportunities but also by learning from other Tensing colleagues. Despite the fact that everyone is spread out over different assignments, together you form a real team that helps each other out if you run into problems during an assignment.

The better GIS work


Jeroen van de Voort