Koen Beemster

Young Professional

My name is Koen Beemster and I have been working as a Young Professional at Tensing since 1 July.

I started studying Physics after high school, but soon switched to Social Geography and Planning. In that study, I first came across GIS. I found this interesting enough to learn more about it. After my bachelor I decided to continue with GIS and studied Geo-Information Management and Applications (GIMA). I then worked at Alliander for a while, after which I made the switch to Tensing.

Why Tensing?
 Tensing was a logical next step for me to become a GIS Professional. It is a young team with lots of growth opportunities. Being given the opportunity as a Young Professional to become both an FME and ArcGIS specialist makes it a very nice company.

Spare time
In my spare time, I read a lot, mainly fantasy, but other genres also go down well from time to time. I like walking and skating. I live in Zaandam, near the city centre, but fortunately also close to nature and a nice walking path. For the rest, I game with friends and like a good beer or whisky now and then.

GIS takes you around the world


Koen Beemster