Leon Cocco

FME Technology Specialist

Hi dear readers! My name is Leon Cocco and I have been working for Tensing since February 2024.

Over the past five years, I have worked for various employers through which I performed work for municipalities and other organisations for the BGT, BAG and BOR. These are registrations with a geographical component, recording data on objects in public space. During this period, I learned to use CAD applications such as MicroStation, but I also got to know the content of the aforementioned registrations so well that I was able to make thorough analyses and give advice on various topics concerning the aforementioned registrations. My passion for data, geo and GIS had been found.

In the year 2023, I was able to really use FME for the first time. It soon became clear to me that I wanted to explore this further. This is how I ended up at Tensing, where knowledge about FME abounds.

Spare time
I am 31 years old and currently live in Nijmegen with my lovely girlfriend. I come from a family with a father, mother and older sister and have lived in the cities of Arnhem and Huissen.

I played football in a friends' team for a long time until recently. As I speak, I have no clearly identifiable 'hobby', but things like football, bouldering, squash I enjoy doing. In addition, my girlfriend and I also like to play a 
computer game or we watch a series. And I also enjoy going on trips with my friends or visiting the nearby pub.

Why Tensing?
Tensing comes across as an organisation where things I find important are well organised. In my short time at Tensing, it has already become clear that there is a knowledge-sharing culture to take each other to the next level. There is room to develop further in your preferred areas of expertise and this is also well facilitated.

I have only just started, but from what I have seen, this promises to be a very enjoyable and instructive time. I look forward to many more years within the organisation.

I am grateful for the trust I have received from Tensing and will do everything possible to make it successful and fun. Glad to be part of the team!