Michael Tuijp

Geospatial Data Scientist

I'm Michael, and I've started at Tensing in 2021 as Geospatial Data Scientist. By combining Data Science and GIS, I believe we can build some new and cutting-edge applications and solutions!

I've studied and gained my Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. During my graduation thesis I built a prediction model for Fietsenwinkel.nl, after which I started to work there fulltime as Data Scientist for roughly 2 years. The next step in my career was working as a Data Science consultant for Cognizant, building end-to-end Data Science applications for various clients, in particular regarding Image Recognition, NLP, Predictive Modeling & Business Intelligence.

Spare time
I was born & raised in Volendam, together with 2 sisters. In my spare time I like building my own Data Science side projects & having a stab at creating my own crypto trading bots. To stay healthy physically I work on strength training, but to stay healthy mentally I also like to enjoy a cold beer on 'de Dijk'.

Why Tensing?
What appealed to me the most about Tensing is their startup-like flexibility & inclusive atmosphere combined with their products, services & infrastructure being already set up akin to that of a much larger organisation. Also the combination of Data Science and the Gis world seems like an awesome mix that's still very much a niche & has a lot of room to grow! Even though I just started, my first impression of Tensing is that of a very versatile and inclusive family, which is a great place to learn, build & grow!

Tensing enables me to not only build end-to-end Data Science solutions, but also to combine them with Geo data, creating a whole new genre of Geo-Data Science applications!

Michael Tuijp

Michael Tuijp


About us

Tensing makes Data Integration technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) accessible and applicable. Our consultants realize state-of-the-art solutions based on Esri ArcGIS and Safe Software FME.

With Esri we make maps, stimulate cooperation and analyze data. With FME we connect applications, transform data and automate workflows.

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