Mo de Jong

Young Professional

Hi! I'm Mo and I started this February as a Young Professional GIS Consultant at Tensing.

Last summer I graduated from the TU Delft, completing two MSc programmes combining "Water Management" and "Geoscience & Remote Sensing". I really liked this pairing as it allowed me to explore challenges in water management in a spatiotemporal context, using many different remote sensing data products, processing and analysing through a combined use of GIS and Python, mostly related water management (e.g. river and delta dynamics, snow/ice melt, and nature conservation) and natural hazards. It also helped me gain deeper insights into the natural physics behind hydrological and geological processes. I did my BSc in Enschede following the University College Twente programme, which taught me how to connect and combine different areas of expertise and bridge the gap between technology and society. During my BSc, I was introduced to GIS and became excited to apply the newest technologies to find solutions for spatio-temporal challenges preferably with a sustainable or societal impact. I am eager to apply and further develop my skills in the Tensing team!

Spare time
I recently moved to The Hague where I live together with my boyfriend. I am crazy about all kinds of watersports and extreme sports. I moved to The Hague to live close to Scheveningen Beach, my 'homespot' to go windsurfing. I also love to go scuba diving (in warmer climates), snowboarding, sailing and swimming. I enjoy nature and hiking in the mountains. Last year I did two multiple-day trails in the Himalayas, Nepal. I love travelling, and learning about other cultures and my heart beats for nature conservation. I like to give back whenever I travel, for example by supporting local initiatives for women's empowerment or contributing to nature conservation efforts. I enjoy cooking and eating tasty food and like to discover dishes from all corners of the world. Lastly, I really like to make and listen to music. Over the years I have learned to play the violin, bass guitar, guitar and saxophone, and even recorded an EP. ;)
Why Tensing?
The tensing team has offered an amazingly warm welcome. All colleagues are very friendly, and I really appreciate the open atmosphere. I am excited to work in a passionate and dynamic team with like-minded people to solve current-day challenges in GIS, making a positive impact on the world!

Life starts at the end of your comfort zone!