How to integrate with Snowflake

Snowflake offers a cloud-native data platform for data storage and analytics service. It allows corporate users like Pepsico and Allianz to leverage the power of the cloud, by storing data at a central place and use almost unlimited compute for data engineering and analytics. This creates new insights enabling them to quickly adapt to their customer needs.

We as Tensing integrated FME to optimize spatial processes of Snowflake and their clients. We did that for you. So question is how you should integrate with Snowflake, in example when you are a user of ArcGIS, Business Intelligence or Data Science applications.

Traditional structure vs. Snowflake architecture

Traditional data structures are complex, expensive and constrained. Snowflake takes all these issues away. With it’s cloud based platform, you only have to upload your data – the systems does the rest. Snowflake knows three layers, the central storage, multi cluster compute and cloud services. Through the secure ecosystems organizations can easily share data with other users and companies.

Webinar:  Empowering spatial insights with FME in Snowflake

At the FME World Fair Ivo and Thom (both data specialists at Tensing) and Arjan Hijstek (Senior System Engineer at Snowflake) gave a presentation on how the FME application works and how you can use it when using several other systems. You can download the recording here.

During this session, we'll introduce you to Snowflake and add spatial capabilities to it by using FME, empowering spatial insights in Snowflake.

Webinar: Empowering spatial insights with FME in Snowflake

In this video you will get all the background and capabilities of Snowflake. We will take you on a first exploration of this revolutionary platform and show how we link Snowflake to other data platforms such as Esri ArcGIS.

Furthermore, we offer you a presentation about Snowflake.

Our Advice

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