Why Snowflake?

In many organizations we see a fragmented data landscape with many silos, manual transformations, and a huge management burden. The Snowflake Data Cloud removes that and allows companies to focus on their primary mission by extracting value from the data available!

The Snowflake Data Cloud lets you consolidate data into a single, reliable source that supports multiple types of business applications. It streamlines the way different teams - internal and external - share data and removes security issues. People work together without having to copy data. This prevents different copies from circulating with all the consequences this entails. 

The platform allows you to set relevant data access restrictions and minimizes data management and compliance issues of managing multiple copies of the same data sets. The platform automates everything and removes complexity, from data storage and data processing to transaction management, security, governance and metadata management.

Unique architecture

Snowflake allows you to store your data in any region, on any cloud, including popular offerings from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. The platform offers a unique architecture that separates compute from storage for unlimited scalability and parallel processing.. This is significant because almost every other database combines the two together, meaning you must size for your largest workload and incur the cost that comes with it. The performance of your dashboards and reporting will never be influenced by other workloads. 

The architecture, which includes unique functionality such as Time Travel and Zero Copy Cloning, also provides cost savings by eliminating the need for data copies and intensive management. The business can make use of all the data without a lot of work on the back end.  


The best part of all this? Two things you need to know:

  • The Snowflake Data Cloud is offered as a service, a managed service, so customers only pay for the seconds that computing power is consumed. All functionality and scalability at your disposal without expensive licenses!

  • The revolutionary Snowflake Data Cloud architecture separates computing power (compute) from storage (storage). This is important because almost every other database merges the two which means you have to size your instance to match your largest workload and with that goes the costs that go with it. With Snowflake, compute power and storage are decoupled.  The capacity you need anytime, anywhere without ever paying too much!

Our advice

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