Fabian Versteeg

Entrepreneurial Consultant

I am Fabian Versteeg , born in 1986, and I started working at Tensing as a GIS consultant in January 2016. Since I started at Tensing, I have been directly involved in the utilities sector.

Designing and managing Geo-information systems

I have a lot of knowledge in the functional and technical design and management of Geo-information systems. This is the result of more than eight years of experience in the water board sector as a Geo-information manager.


I started my career in 2004 as a cartographer in a research department in the water board sector, where I had the great opportunity to develop myself technically and to execute the functional and technical management of the entire geo-platform. In January 2016 I made the switch to Tensing.


A big passion in my life is bouldering (rock climbing). Bouldering is an explosive and spectacular way of climbing. Time and again, it is puzzling how the boulder (a short, often very difficult route on a relatively small rock or wall) is structured, simultaneously requiring strength, flexibility and concentration before rising to the top of the boulder. It’s a challenging but beautiful climb. 

Part of the Tensing team

When I first encountered Tensing, at a meeting in November 2015, I was immediately impressed by the open and honest attitude. From that moment forward, I have felt a part of the GIS consultancy team.

I have a lot of knowledge in the functional and technical design and management design of Geo-information systems.

Fabian Versteeg

Fabian Versteeg