Felix Parmentier

FME Technology Specialist

As a hobbyist, I have encountered many things that have a certain GIS component in them. Ever since I was a teenager, I have spent hours working on (old) topographic maps. I also spent hours staying busy with computers and electronics and working on my car— or a combination of all three.

History, geology and geography

Apart from these interests, I am also very interested in the environment in which we live, in particular the historical, geological and geographical aspect. For example, when walking through the city or in parks and natural environments, I always notice things that have something to do with geo.


I am currently following a part-time Software Development course of study. I can easily combine the knowledge I gain with GIS and the non-IT knowledge I already have.

Career at Tensing

After having worked in the contracting sector for almost four years, I transitioned to Tensing in June 2017 to deploy and further expand my GIS and FME knowledge.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have spent hours working on (old) topographic maps.

Felix Parmentier

Felix Parmentier


About us

Tensing makes Data Integration technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) accessible and applicable. Our consultants realize state-of-the-art solutions based on Esri ArcGIS and Safe Software FME.

With Esri we make maps, stimulate cooperation and analyze data. With FME we connect applications, transform data and automate workflows.

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