Martin Koch

Geospatial Evangelist

My name is Martin Koch (born in 1971), and I have been working at Tensing since May 2015 as a senior GIS consultant specializing in the use of FME. With the help of FME I can revive existing data by combining, validating and restructuring. This way I create opportunities for others to develop new applications on this data.

The most important driver in my daily work is constantly solving new puzzles. Fortunately, these are widely available in the world of GIS and data.


In 2000 I graduated from the Agricultural University in Wageningen, in the field of Forest Ecology and Forestry, with a self-developed computer model. Since computers have played a major role in my life since the 1980s, I have been segued into GIS through Forest and Nature Management.

Initially I gained a lot of general GIS knowledge and development skills with open source applications, where I have combined and unlocked data including the BAG, CBS, Land Registry and BGT. In the end, FME became my tool. This package is so accessible that you can quickly create a really functional piece, but if you continue, the possibilities are almost endless. FME is just fun — from the support and the community to the artwork and the Easter eggs.

My work is always part of a process

In addition to the necessary abstract thinking skills, I am very interested in the world around me. My work is always part of a process within an organization. My solution is only good if it matches these processes and the needs of the organization. Because that is always not the same as the initial assignment, I like to take a good look around me and I come into contact with the chain of stakeholders.

Passion for music

Privately is my greatest passion music. I listen to music a lot, collect music and play music at home — where I am not hindered by a lack of talent. My organ makes the connection between music and the most important thing in my life, my family. It is a typical high-quality Dutch product, from the time that Philips still made everything with a plug that every modern household needed. I love beautifully designed, elegant products that last a long time. It is my goal to have this reflected in the solutions that I develop for a client.

A team of special people that I am part of

Tensing has challenging and versatile assignments and tries to match these with the interests of the employees. As a consultant, I am assigned to clients for whom I solve specific problems with my years of expertise. I am there for the client, work with the client, and I am often at the client’s location, but I am an independent expert and not part of the client.
What makes Tensing really special for me is the contact with my colleagues. Although everyone works for different clients, I really enjoy my experience with other Tensing colleagues on the team. It’s a team of special people who help each other to rise above themselves.

FME Certified Professional

The most important driver in my daily work is constantly solving new puzzles. Fortunately, these are widely available in the world of GIS and data.

Martin Koch

Martin Koch