6 Frequently Asked Questions About FME Training Courses

David Eagle

Director of Service Delivery | FME Certified Trainer

FME by Safe Software is a renowned tool for data integration and transformation. With its increasing popularity and complexity, there's a growing demand for expert-led training sessions. In this article I will answer six frequently asked questions about Tensing’s FME training courses.

1. Why should I choose Tensing FME Training Courses?

Our FME training courses are interactive and all about you! Choosing a Tensing FME training course means:

  • Training with certified FME Trainers who have over 10 years of experience.
  • Benefiting from our vast experience and real-world UK and European data examples.
  • Customized courses that aren’t scripted, tailored to the attendees.

With one of the largest teams of FME Certified staff in Europe, Tensing ensures that its trainers stay updated with the latest technological advancements.

2. Who are Tensings FME Trainers?

We have three very experienced FME Trainers at Tensing:

  • Simon Green, with 20 years GIS-related experience. Superuser of FME, but also very skilled in other software, such as Esri, MapInfo, GeoMedia and QGIS;
  • Oliver Morris, with 15 years experience regarding geospatial datasets;
  • And finally, myself, David Eagle. I’ve maintained my Certified FME Professional and Certified FME Trainer status for over 15 years.

3. At which location are the training sessions held?

Training is provided online through a fully hosted cloud platform, requiring no installations. There's an option for public enrollment or private sessions. For private courses, trainers can come to your office, or any location of your preference.

4. For what level of knowledge are the training courses intended?

We offer a range of courses tailored for different expertise levels:

5. Is there a suitable training for a beginning FME user?

Yes, the FME Form Introductory course is designed specifically for beginners. This course takes attendees from the basics to advanced concepts, using real-world European and UK data examples to provide relevant context.

6. How can I engage with Tensing for FME Training?

You can sign up for public enrollment courses scheduled throughout the year, which are delivered online. Alternatively, you can opt for private courses, which can be conducted online or at a location of your choice. Tensing also offers customized schedules and content to suit your organization's specific needs.

Engage with Tensing today and elevate your FME skills with one of the leading GIS Consultancy companies.


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